Sound familiar? That’s because this joint made the Boldaslove.us Best of 2010 list for singles.  And, although I didn’t get to review it, lemme say that Kokayi’s album, Robots & Dinosaurs, is definitely a keeper, especially with joints like “Believe It,” “Hiya,”  and “Over There (O.R.S.),” to name a few.  Hip hop? Yes.  But, like Bazaar Royale, this talented musician and producer is another modern-day bluesman.

But, back to the video:  Glad he decided to have fun with the visuals.  You know what I mean, sometimes folks take things too seriously.  He smartly avoided that.  Bravo on the video, which comes across as a great approach that lets an inventive song shine through.

Kokayi – “RoxTar” (Feat. The Rock-afire Explosion) [Music Video] from QN5 Music on Vimeo.

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