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Best thing about the night? Seeing all the generations in the house.  I mean, I can’t front: I’ve got to include myself in the category of “O.G.’s”, since I got started with the organization in 1992.  But there were a bunch of younger peeps there, also and that only bodes well for the organization.

Cool, too, to watch brothers Kairo and Chad Joseph aka HelixDown put their foot in our collective behinds. They’re definitely a group to look out for in 2011.  And it was great to meet Ajo (above, reaching for that note), formerly of Bang Language.  She’s a songwriter with a lot of potential.  And the my first IRL meetings with some of my twitter fam were pleasant surprises.  Shouts to Tahir Hemphill aka @tahero; Richardine Bartee of Grungecake Magazine aka @grungecake (congrats on the launch of the label!) and Bryan Vargas aka @bryanvargas!

And it’s always great to see Melvin Van Peebles, Sr. who, at damn near 80 years old, is still vibrant and vital.  Hope to 1) make it to his age and 2) still be creating.

Anyway, check out some of the pics from the event.

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