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Tight, polished, and soulful are some of the ways you can describe the recently released album BarFly Theory by Sonnyboy, aka Shel Riser.  You could call it a rock ‘n’ soul album, but nomenclature isn’t that important.  It’s just 13 tracks that add up to one thoroughly enjoyable album.

There’s a lot to recommend on this album. Shel nails the album opener, “Satisfy U”, and offers a pleasant surprise in his cover of Culture Club’s “Time (Clock of the Heart)”. Other favorites are the throwdown “She Like Rock n Roll” with its piano funk, and “Another Galaxy,” a ballad that is powerful in its restraint.  And “Strange People” is an apt song for these times:

Woman hold your head and cry
Another politician with a goddamn lie
How we supposed to live if we can’t never fly
Ain’t get what you need so now they keep you high

We’ve all experienced the moment: You walk into a bar or club not knowing what to expect.  But you can’t help noticing the band and the lead singer because they’re killin’ it.  Well, Sonnyboy’s BarFly Theory has taken that modern day juke joint experience and captured it in an album.  Definitely the kind of place I’d hang out.

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