I have to admit, when I think of hip hop these days, I often forget that one of the key elements of the culture is dance.  In that respect, it was such a pleasant surprise to see this video and discover twin brothers Laurent and Larry Bourgeois of Sarcelles, France, a suburb about 10 miles north of Paris.  I discovered these guys last night thanks to Reese’s Ear Candy, and spent an about an hour checking out other videos of them on YouTube.

This video is amazing to watch on a couple of levels. First, gotta love the first joint they dance to, a remix of MJ’s “Whatever Happens”. Secondly, I’m always amazed when I watch people physically do stuff I’ll never be able to.  Y’know, like play the drums. Or dance like this!  Not only do they have such incredible control over their bodies, but you can also see such joy in their movements.   So, yeah, I’m happy to just sit here, watch and go, “Wow.”

Anyway, here’s the video:

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