So, in addition to the Beatrockers event, I’ll be sliding through the Coon Bidness launch party. Yeah, they did do a “launch event” at the Kitchen a few months back, but never had an official celebration.  This is it.

Coon Bidness/Witches Brew Launch Event

Date: Saturday April 23, 2011
Time: 7pm-4am
Cost: No Cover
Location: Synergy Cultural Collective
1101-07 Fulton Between Classon Ave & Claver Pl. Brooklyn, NY

Readings by:

L’Oréal Snell
Stephanie Kelly
Paul Harding
Aubrey Harding
Michael Gonzales
Latasha N. Nevada Diggs
Greg Tate

Live performance by Burnt Sugar

Also happening here will the launch of nightlife maven Nucomme Davis-Walker’s new cocktail line, Witches Brew.  She’s in the process of taking her line to the next level, so check out her fundraising efforts and consider dropping a few bucks in the kitty.  Info here or contact Nucomme at nucomme@gmail.com

Additional link:

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