Barack’s birth certificate reveal–in which he finally shut down the birthers–was in some respects surreal.  Partly because you were watching the President of the United States take time away from really pressing matters like the economy, jobs, and two (sorry, three!) wars to deal with something that experts had been saying was a non-issue since 2008.  It was also surreal thanks to a press conference that Donald Trump held about 40 minutes later, crowing about how he’d “made” the president produce a birth certificate.  As if he’d gotten to the bottom of some deep mystery that no one else could solve.  The fact that Trump is so comfortable pandering to the racist element in our country says a lot about him.

As you’ll see, Baratunde Thurston, who works at The Onion and is one of the co-founders of political blog Jack and Jill Politics, offers this powerful and sobering response to not only Trump, but the entire, racist Birther movement.  And, yes, the question that hangs over all of this: Will black people ever fully be considered American?  Apparently, no time soon. Bravo, brotha.

Check out his full post here.


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  • Charlie1njl14

    two banish someone who disagrees with you is childish. I love healthy lively debate i learn from those that i do not agree with i joined this page to get that and also for the family stand who is still the best band i have ever heard and will always support ut i guess i can still support them and not be a part of a web page that cant handle critism i only presented my argument but i guess i will go talk to my therapist now to get over this tragic event in my life

    • No, it’s not childish. It’s about protecting that space. You didn’t come asking questions, or wanting to learn. You came on a rant about how he’s playing the victim. Without even watching the video! Then, you watch the video and you still determine that he’s perpetrating the racism? It’s sad. Again, I encourage you to show the video to those rich black people you refer to and see if they, too, think it’s about victimhood.

      Unfortunately, you only confirm my impressions of conservatives, black or white: You all seem to lack empathy. And black conservatives seem to be the worst, because you all seem like you’re always out to prove that you’re the exception. Like somehow, whatever happens to black people–literally or symbolically–has nothing to do with you. You–and I’m talking about you, Charles–are incapable of understanding that Baratunde was sharing his feelings about what transpired: A carnival barker brought a 4-year old issue to a head and made the President of the United States show his papers. Like he was some recently freed slave. Don’t believe me? Here’s what the NY Times said in today’s editorial about the whole incident:

      “It is inconceivable that this campaign to portray Mr. Obama as the insidious “other” would have been conducted against a white president.”

      Read the full piece here:


      So, no, I’m not really interested your poisonous rants in that space. And the fact that you don’t get that, the fact that you came with such an inflexible point of view, means you have work to do on yourself. And I’d prefer you did that work somewhere else.

      Once you do so, however, you’ll certainly be welcomed to participate.

      • Charlie1njl14

        Ok i will start with the critism about me. first like i said i will never assume what goes on in any ones head when i debate i do so to learn. i will always admit that i am a work in progress i have that very thought tattooed on my calve ” if i evovlve it is to resolve the mystery of my and to extrapolate from my past to bring clarity” no you cant use it ( interjecting humor there). the rant was uncalled for on my part especially without seeing video BUT i find that i have to e very defensive it is tuff being black and conservative. let me explain my views as far as that goes i am the most giving person within the group of friends as well as family members i have. what i have i share freely with others though i will never be played. Was born and raised in the hood.) being conservative is not about not caring its about not allowing the gov to get so big that it falls in on itself and consumes every aspect of our life it is one thing for me to give what i have and another to have the gov tell me i must give. i will elaborate on that later. last i will say this pres obama pretty much punked donald trump and played him just like donald trump is playing the media but trump cant when this battle and he really should shut up because he is not helping things. And for the record i play devils advocate i find that is the only way i can get to the truth with people. it gets messy but its effective my frend who is super liberal does it to me all the time but i still respect him and his views even though i dont agree wirth him

        • Charlie1njl14

          Ps spelling bad too sleepy. Worked for twelve hours i didnt proof good enough before i hit post sorry.

          • Charlie1njl14

            One more and bed time i will share video with my friends both conservative all one of them and liberal wich is most of my friends including the rich ones go figure more humor sorry cant help

        • First, Charlie, apology accepted. Thank you.

          I get it: Everybody’s on a journey. I guess your comments were so disconcerting because this video wasn’t about liberals vs. conservatives. It wasn’t even about black conservatives, and hardly an attack on them.

          Where we differ, however, is that I believe it IS about caring and empathy. One of the greatest challenges we face is our inability to imagine ourselves in someone else’s shoes. Again, I appreciate what Baratunde expressed. If you’re not familiar with him, please check him out. You’ll find that he’s hardly someone who plays the race card or plays the victim. If it’s okay for racists to advance complete BS about our president–and by extension, black people–it’s certainly equally valid for Baratunde (or anyone) to express how that makes them feel. Please understand that doing so doesn’t diminish him, doesn’t make him a whiner, and isn’t an attack on conservatives. It’s just an expression of how he and many of us felt.

          So, when you said he’s pulled the race card, it had the effect of negating everything he said. That wasn’t fair. And quite frankly, I expect black folks to have more empathy than that towards each other.

          Anyway, yes, I’m open to civil dialogue with open minded people. You’ve been “unbanned” from the group.

          Be well.

  • Charlie1njl14

    I read the article and i will say this. there is an element that will not let this issue go i was listenening to the radio after he did show his certificate and people were calling in and still saying it wasnt enough. I myself had doubts but after he showed it i believed him and it became a non issue even though i dont like his policies he still did punk donald trump and he played the media as well i really do think the republicans are taking him for granted and they will regret it.