Got a topic you’d like to see discussed at the Festival of the New Black Imagination?  Have an idea about 21st century black authenticity that you’d like to see explored? Tell me about it.

That’s right: Submit a topic here.

Of course, there are specific sessions and conversation that I’m putting together.  But that doesn’t mean I have ideas to fill out the entire day!  In fact, I’m purposefully leaving a few slots open to accommodate as many good ideas as I can, no matter where they come from.

In case you’re stuck for ideas, you can read this post to get a sense of what’s being created.

Click here to submit a topic.

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  • Latasha Diggs

     Question.  Are you asking for folks to submit ideas for someone else to discuss or or you asking
    folks to submit topics that they themselves will present? 

    • It’s the latter.  Looking for interesting takes on things life, art, culture, society, etc.:  Forward-looking. Inspired. Passionate.  Bring it, Ms. Diggs!