John “JB” Bigham is a 21st century soul man.  As leader of the band that’s named after his musical alter ego, The Soul of John Black, he fuses the classic soul Stax Records vibe with the space age.  In some ways, it’s no surprise, since he spent eight years flexing his experimental chops as guitarist and keyboard player for the legendary Fishbone.

This track is the lead from his latest album Good Thang, the follow up to 2009’s Black John and 2007’s The Good Girl Blues. Blending classic and modern blues, rock, soul, funk and hip hop, Bigham’s fusion has been praised by Rolling Stone, NPR and other critical outlets. What’s more, he’s also  toured and recorded with fellow trailblazers Miles Davis, Dr. Dré, Nikka Costa, and Eminem, to name a few.


Anyway, the track does what a good opener should: It catches the ear and sets the bar high for the rest of the album.  One listen and you’re off digging into subsequent tracks, joyfully embarking on a mission to unearth the other gems that comprise this album.

Check out the song, and check out the Soul of John Black if they make their way through you city.

[audio:|titles=01 Digital Blues 1]

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