As you may know, Boston Fielder stays busy.  I suspect it keeps him out of trouble.

Seriously, when he’s not helping to promote Leila Adu’s recent release, planning the next iteration of the URB Alt Festival, releasing his own album by his band MuthaWit, Men & Women or La Revenge de Uncle Baldy, he’s putting together samplers of the dope music he comes across.  This is his fourth time around the sampler-land block.  There are some artists I recognize here, and plenty of others I’m looking forward to finding out more about.  For example, I am familiar with MuthaWit (of course), Saidah Baba Talibah, Ellul, Dearling Physique and Shabazz Palaces. Beyond that, gotta jump into the remaining nine.  Can’t wait!

In Boston’s own words: “Consider URB ALT Sampler Quattro a post-Independence Day present of independent music for the independent minded folks who are into the URB ALT vibe.”

Follow this link to find out more about the artists and to download the sampler.

Additional link:


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