“This is a man’s world. But it would be nothing, without a woman or a girl.”

-the late James Brown, Godfather of Soul

The Ladies

What do you call a classically-trained vocalist with a theatrical background, punk-rock attitude and funky, eclectic style? Why, Sydnee Jane, of course! Just when I thought I had the Houston music scene all figured out, I heard a track called “Ready To Go” by Sydnee Jane and her supporting singers, the Jane-ettes, and was educated all over again. Part trendsetter, part diva and all original, Sydnee Jane briefly toured with the Damon Wilson band, before forging out on her own to pursue her musical dreams. After joining forces with the Jane-ettes, the gun was cocked and loaded for SJ and crew to pop off a refreshing new era in the entertainment industry.

The Music

The music created by the self-described “from-another-planet-type, sassy, Southern, retro/futuristic songbirds” brings to mind an electronic-funk rock version of a Vanity 6 meets the Supremes hybrid, with traces of hip-hop and R&B intertwined. With all those elements influencing the sound, one may think a cohesive piece of music would be hard to come by. Quite to the contrary, Sydnee Jane and the Jane-ettes offer up a style so flawless, all you can think of while listening is “where’s the dancefloor?” Their music is fun, while simultaneously representing the experience and expertise involved in its creation. Gimmick group? Hardly. Soon to be staples on the scene? For sure.

The Live Experience

These ladies are true entertainers, leaving no stone un-turned; from their cohesive dance moves to their edgy, coordinated attire, its clear they seek to provide a full-package experience for fans. If a performer is in tune with his or her audience, a certain magic in the air seems to induce an amazing live show. Sydnee Jane and the Jane-ettes captivate crowds, which makes it easy to understand why their shows are so exciting. Watching them, its clear they were born for this. They go on stage and, no matter how long the set, you want more. What can I say? When you’ve got it, you’ve got it and these ladies undoubtedly have it.

For more on Sydnee Jane and the Jane-ettes, you can find them on the world wide web: Facebook, SoundCloud, Bandmix, YouTube, Twitter, ReverbNationMySpace and, of course, on her official website….basically, she’s everywhere! But then again, it is #JANESWORLD; we’re just living in it.

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About The Author

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