Every time I saw the Sucker Punch trailer, I thought, “Damn, it’s 2011, and they still can’t give a black girl a sword?”  Look, I’m a guy and I love the thought of hot women jackin’ fools up with swords, machine guns and assorted well-choreographed martial arts moves.  If memory serves the last black female film character who knew martial arts was Vernita Green (Vivica Fox)  from dickhead Tarantino’s Kill Bill. ‘Cause seriously, we can’t be expected to count that one, lame spinning kick that Niobe (Jada Pinkett Smith) did in The Matrix Reloaded, can we?

All that said, I’m happy to have been introduced to Novie, a Toronto-based “alt/pop indie singer-songwriter”.  Glad to know there’s more happening in Toronto beyond my dynamic duo of singer Saidah Baba Talibah and journalist Laina Dawes. Novie’s video is set against a cool Japanese anime-inspired cityscape and clearly shows the influence of classic Samurai movies.  And here’s the thing that caught my attention: Some dude named Phil Fisher gets credit for “kenjutsu choreography.” Swag!

The song, with its laid back, summery groove, is taken from her debut EP Whatcha Doin’ Baby?, which you can get here.


Additional link:

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