credit: Daniele Tamagni, “The Playboys of Bacongo” 2008

This looks to be a very cool photography exhibit.  Here’s a brief description:

Africolor – the exhibition – looks at the connections in photography between Africa, color, and color photography. While Africa as a subject has attracted and inspired photographers since the invention of photography, because of the obvious financial and technical issues involved –
photographing Africa in the 19th century was largely a European endeavor. By the middle of the 20th century, however, photography both as a business and a means of artistic expression was beginning to flourish across the African continent.

With the advent of color photography and in particular with the acceptance of color photography into the mainstream of fine art in the 1980s, the vivid colors and bright light of the continent seemed to serve as inspiration for a wide range of photography from the indigenous to the imagined and from documentary to staged. Celebrating the diversity of color photographic expression, Africolor presents groupings of work that are a compelling (but by no means comprehensive) sampling.

Photographers included in the exhibition include Italian photojournalist Daniele Tamagni; renowned Malian photographer Malick Sidibe; Dutch photographer Ruud van Empel; South African Lolo Veleko; Martin Parr, known for his “trademark acid color palette”; Samuel Fosso, described as “the African Cindy Sherman”; New Yorker Mickalene Thomas; and street artist JR.

credit: Ruud van Empel, “World 21”, 2006

credit: Mickalene Thomas, “Nollywood 11,” 2010

The exhibition is on display at

Danziger Projects
527 West 23rd Street
NYC 10011

Images courtesy of Danizger Projects.  Thanks, Carly!

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  • I think this group has a future in the industry. I just hope they go mainstream. Their photographs tell so much in their culture. Good job on this post.