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That’s right, fam! Those of you who have last summer’s compilation, The Getaway, have heard Just A Band’s banger “Huff + Puff” and you know it’s still heat! The band is going to finally make its US debut on Thursday, August 25 at Drom in NYC. Kwaku Aning and Jeff Shreiner, better known as Analogue Transit, open the show.

JAB’s NYC show is one of several things they’ll be doing during the time they’ll be in town, one of which is the opening of their art exhibit KUDISHNYAO! at Rush Fine Arts on August 18. The exhibit combines “infectious music,off-beat visuals and social commentary” into a 6-channel video installation.  I’m told that Kudishnyao (pronounced COO-DISH-NY-OW), shouted by children on Kenyan playgrounds for years, is an onomatopoeic word for a bullet ricocheting.  The exhibit is organized by Wangechi Mutu Studios.

And I definitely want to shout out fam at Afropop Worldwide, The Couch Sessions and Society HAE for supporting this show.

Venue info is here on the Drom site.

So, want to check out the show? Click on the artwork below to enter your deets in the form for a chance to win tickets.  We’ve got TWO (2) pair to giveaway, so enter now and keep your fingers crossed!

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