Catch up posting in effect: Here’s the latest video from Bold friend Boston Fielder.  The song is taken from the band’s latest release, Men & Women, (la Revenge de Uncle Baldy).   I told Boston I was expecting him to jump out of that chair and do the James Brown/Janelle Monae dance!  I mean, he’s certainly dressed for it. . .Check it out!

Produced by URB ALT Media
Direction and Videography by Bighead Scientists
Edited by Odd Endeavors Productions

Music Credits:

A)Lou Rossi — guitars
B)Meryl “Miss J” Jefferson — violins
C)Sam Myer — trombone
D)V. Jeffrey Smith — alto sax, soprano sax
E)JC – drums
F)Samuel Fernandez – bass
G)Ben Tyree — guitars
H)Boston — guitars, drums, percussion, lead vocals, bground vocals

Written, Performed, Arranged and Produced by Boston and MuthaWit
Engineered and Mixed by 2KLB at The Womb, GA
Mastered by Gualterino at Bad Alien Studios

Additional link:

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  • PraVO! pRaVo! ole friend. Rip IT! I’m gonna bring up the rear. Good look on featuring this sir Rob oel friend. Talk to you guys soon