A lot of people talk about “grindin'”.  But I think Maya Azucena is one of a small group of artists who really gets what it entails.  It’s both being purposeful AND getting results, i.e., having something to show for it.  Maya stays busy, but it’s all focused on improving herself as an artist, songwriter, performer and businesswoman.

The results I’d point to can be heard on her recently released album, Cry Love.   She sings her ass off from start to finish, with an energy that matches Sinead O’Connor’s Lion and the Cobra or Biggie’s Ready To Die.  In the same way that those two artists were singing and rapping, respectively, for their lives, Maya sings as if she’s motivated by something bigger than herself, and she puts it all on the album.  It’s bracing and refreshing to hear.

So, I’m thrilled to see that she’s finished the video for the title song.  As Okayplayer notes, the video is a “musical reflection of her real life humanitarian efforts here in Brooklyn in support of domestic abuse victims and disadvantaged youth.”

Brava, sis!

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