Here’s a great, well-crafted tune from a band that some regard as one of London’s best live bands.  Some of you may have gotten a taste, as did I, from hearing them on the Afro-Punk compilation Fuck Rockstars Volume 2.  Their track “Ready To Move” stays on heavy rotation on my iPod.

The band consists of brothers Mensah (vocals/ guitar) and Kwame Hart (bass), Mark Lenihan (guitar) and Marcus Harris (drums/ backing vocals) and, as their bio notes, they “are the sound of today’s guitar wielding youth.”  The Thirst already cut against the grain, given that it’s MCing and hip hop that form the soundtrack of their South London neighborhood.  They say they don’t believe in boxes and hold their love of ska, hip hop and indie sounds close.

Equally infectious, but less “punk-y,” “Set It Alight” is taken from their recently released EP Laughing With The Sinners, which you can download for free (email required) from their site.

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