Fine. I’ll take my late pass on this.

I finally downloaded the singer Frank Ocean’s mixtape, Nostalgia, Ultra.  I was curious to find out what this Odd Future member was doing before he got scooped up by Kanye and Jay-Z for Watch The Throne.  Maybe it’s a hallmark of 20-something black men these days, but he slips into the laziness of referring to women as bitches on a couple of songs.  I’m like, “Yawn.”  When he raps, it’s from the Drake school of MC-ing. Take that as you will.  But, as a singer, he’s got a decent voice.  And if he can stay honest in his songwriting, he could be very good.

“We All Try,” “American Wedding” (with its riff on “Hotel California”), “Lovecrimes” are some good tracks.  One of my favorites on the mixtape is “Swim Good”.  Nice groove, decent lyrics. Alright, I’m with it.  Unfortunately, the video’s a mess, and it distracts from what is a solid song.  Check it here:

[audio:|titles=10 Swim Good]
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