As the end of the year approaches, some of you may have your accountant’s words ringing in your ears: Make more charitable donations to reduce your taxable income!

If that’s the case, then please consider making a donation to The Festival of the New Black Imagination.  As you may recall, we produced the first Festival on October 15 here in Brooklyn, and played host to 14 sessions, 23 speakers and 4 musical performances.  Here’s the 4-minute recap:

While the Festival itself isn’t a registered non-profit, our fiscal sponsor Fractured Atlas is.  This means, you can donate to the Festival via Fractured Atlas and take whatever deduction you’re allowed by law.

We’ve got a lot planned for 2012, including making the Festival bigger and better, adding some ongoing programming throughout the year leading up to the Festival, and working to develop a granting-making system so that we can support worthy projects.

If you feel this is something worthwhile, please consider a year-end donation. You’ll feel great about supporting the Festival, your accountant will be glad you took his or her advice, and we’ll be incredibly grateful.

Click here to donate!

Additional link:

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