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Late in 2011, Res and Talib Kweli released Habits of the Heart, the album that’s come out of their collaboration as the group Idle Warship.  This is the official video for one of their songs.

Should you pick up the album? Absolutely. We’re working on a review, but let me just say this: It’s one of the reasons that, in terms of music releases, 2011 ended so strong.

Here’s video.

Also, check out Idle Warship on these tour dates in January and February:

January 4th
New York, NY @

January 6th
San Francisco, CA @

January 7th
San Francisco, CA @

January 11th
Los Angeles, CA @
Key Club

January 15th
Sacramento, CA @

January 19th
Philadelphia, PA @
World Cafe Live

February 10th
Fairfax, CA @
19 Broadway

February 17th
New Orleans, LA @
Eiffel Society

Additional link:


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