Given that his music references sounds from the 80s, it’s not surprising that Gordon Voidwell chose an homage to Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know” as the setting for his latest video, taken from his recently released mixtape, MalcolmXXXMclaren.

The video was filmed over the summer, and the piece’s styling, choreography, set design and photography all take cue’s from Houston’s classic song.  Of the video, director Steve Pristin said: “Gordon Voidwell’s music and style is often compared to artists of the 80’s — rather than fight that notion I wanted to fully embrace it, while paying homage to one of the most iconic musicians and music videos of the 1980’s. Growing up, in my home, Whitney Houston was viewed with a reverence unmatched – she will be deeply missed.”

And Gordon added: “”It’s amazing to think that in 48 short years, Whitney Houston covered the entire range of human emotion through music. From epic love ballads to 808-driven synthpop to gospel music, her voice spoke the complexity and depth of being human. On a selfish level, I’m saddened to think there will never be any new Whitney Houston music. She’s inspired a lot of what i do.”

If you want to check him out, Gordon will be at NYC’s SOB’s on February 28.

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