Just got turned onto these guys, and wow, am I happy!

The Soul Rebels Brass Band is a group out of NOLA who takes the traditions of New Orleans Jazz and merges it with the contemporary sounds that we all hear bumping from stereos all around.  About this evolution, their bio notes:

“We wanted to make our own sound without disrespecting the brass tradition,” [co-founder Lumar] LeBlanc recalls, “so we knew we had to break away.” They found a stylistic middle ground when they spun off and formed a band of young, like‐minded local players from all over New Orleans. Graduates of university music programs throughout the South, the band took the marching band format they had learned in school and incorporated influences from outside the city as well as late‐breaking local styles – R&B, funk and hip‐hop – especially through half‐sung, half‐rapped lyrics. “Most of our originals have vocals,” says LeBlanc. “You wouldn’t have done that in a traditional brass band.”

This song is a spirited and piercing update to the Eurthymics’ classic.  Enjoy!

[audio:http://www.boldaslove.us/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/02-Sweet-Dreams-Are-Made-Of-This-11.mp3|titles=02 Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This 1]

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