Not familiar with Avery*Sunshine?  If you call yourself a supporter of real talent and good music, you should.  Avery is a a singer/songwriter/pianist of gospel-infused soul, and she’s the real deal.  I had the pleasure of seeing her last year when she played BAMCafe.  She puts on  such a good show!  You really see the total package here.

This is her latest video, which was released yesterday.  In it. we see what happens when you’re supposed to be on a romantic date and the other person decides they should answer their cell phone.  See what happens next. And definitely look out for her nod to “Thriller”.

Happy to say, too, that Avery will be in NYC on April 12. Where? At Drom, of course, so get your tix early because this one might sell out.  Again, show info is here.


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