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I saw these guys for he first time on Friday.  They describe themselves as a neo-soul band.  But what does that mean these days?  The short version of it all is that the group has a mellow groove sound that reminds you of the Brand New Heavies.  Except that Ari Folman-Cohen is so far from that whack dude the Heavies had on bass, it’s not even funny.  In fact, every member of the band is is tight player.  And with Akie Bermiss’s soulful voice flying over and around the groove, this band could really win the summer party circuit.  Rooftops and the Hamptons, watch out!

We’re gonna warn you up front: There’s a good chance you’ll be humming the chorus to this song, which was released last summer.  In addition to this one, the set we saw was nothing but well-written songs, plus covers of Musiq Soulchild, Dylan and Alanis.  There’s a new album dropping in a couple of weeks, so definitely check for them.

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