As much as people want to make a big deal about it, marriage equality isn’t a big deal.  In many ways, it’s a non-issue.  Except that conservatives want to make it so.  Those of you who follow my tweets will have heard this before.  However, I think it’s important to restate my position.

Why is it that religious and social conservatives are always worried about who and how other people are fucking?

I’m not trying to reduce gay or lesbian relationships to the sexual.  But, at it’s heart, this seems to be what those on the right are policing.  And it doesn’t much matter how much they talk about try to preserve “the family”.

I’ve said this on Twitter: If your marriage is threatened by gays and lesbians getting married, then you have a shitty marriage.  Period.

Someone else pointed out: Guess what? Gays and lesbians pay taxes, too.  Why shouldn’t they enjoy all the rights and benefits of full citizenship?

Consenting adults–particularly when their actions don’t put anyone else in danger–should be allowed to do whatever they want to.

Here’s our president speaking on marriage equality.  BTW, bravo, Mr. President.


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