I recently got a note from filmmaker Celia Peters and her team informing me about their sci-fi film in development, Godspeed.  According to her, the project is something that the American film scene could use more of: “a sci-fi story with a universal theme which features black lead characters, and a black female protagonist at that.”  It’s a new take on what contact with extraterrestrial life might be like.  Specifically, the synopsis goes something like this:

New York, 2030. Successful, creative Brandy sees everything slip away when her mind begins to unravel. After having a very visible meltdown in her high-powered world, Brandy is crushed when she’s forced to leave the world that defines her. She retreats to her family home in Detroit but instead of finding comfort, she’s challenged and disturbed by newcomers who aren’t what they seem; even worse, familiar faces are now different. Brandy is losing the battle to hold on to her sanity, but ultimately she must decide which way to turn when she discovers that it is reality which has changed —- not her.

Interestingly enough, Peters tells me that this is not a push for donations.  Rather, she and her producing partners are trying to get a head start on building an audience for the film.  Their goal is to develop a significant number of likes and/or follows, which further reinforces the idea to potential investors that there is, in fact, an audience for this film.

Check out the video below, as Peters and her team talk about the genesis and vision for this project:

If you like what you see thusfar, head on over to the project’s Facebook and Twitter pages (noted below) and join the conversation.

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