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Boston Fielder kicks off this lead single from the forthcoming MuthaWit album, PMS  Junkie (where the “PMS” stands for “Preemptive Military Strike”) with the following verse over a pulsing beat:

My rockets so damn sexy
in the luxury of your lap missiles embed too.
Guess you know we US number one
even our pornstars carry guns
when they’re flexing
muscles of black market arms and exploding shoes.

This is just one of the post-soul, avant blues rock tracks on an album that will be available everywhere July 4.  The thing about Boston: Despite his laid-back, country-of-Mississippi demeanor he’s a fierce observer of things.  In particular, he’s got some pointed critique of of life in 21st century America, both the personal and the political, as is evidenced in “Celine”.

Combine a sharp eye, great writing, a warm voice, and a broad musical palette, and you’ve got the makings of a great album, of which “Celine In America,” if you can believe it, is just an appetizer. More to come, but in the meantime, enjoy:

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