It’s worth repeating: It’s always good to see Nona Hendryx. Just ’cause.  I mean, she’s had swag before it was even called swag.

Tuesday, she performed a very short set at the opening of an art exhibit some of her paintings are part of called Love Or Fear at CATM Chelsea Gallery.  What was cool was that we finally got to see her Audio Tutu: It’s this plexiglass skirt with an iPod, iPad, speakers and sound processing controls built in.  And with it, she performed two songs– “Skindiver” and “Higher Purpose,” the haunting ballad that’s on the soundtrack to Showtime’s Sleeper Cell.

The show Love Or Fear is a collaboration between Nona, Francesca Galliani, and Gina Raphaela. According to the press release for the exhibit, their goal is to “deconstruct and reassemble “the role of women in present day society.”

Not sure how long the show is up, but check out the CATM Chelsea site for more information.

Nona in the Audio Tutu

The iPad control screen on the Audio Tutu

See more photos from the event on the Boldaslove.us Facebook page.

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