This project is fortunate to have Kim Knox of Ubiquita onboard as a consultant.  It’s a timely piece of theater in which two playwrights–one black, one white–traveled throughout the South in the months leading up to President Obama’s inauguration in 2009.  They conducted over 100 interviews in an attempt to understand how people were making sense of the election of this country’s first African-American president.  The interviews were digitally recorded and then crafted into this piece of documentary theater.

One of the reasons the project needs the funds is that they’ve made a conscious choice to keep the tickets at $20, in order to ensure that people from across the cultural and economic spectrum could afford the tickets.  Of course, there’s an opportunity cost to them doing so.

The other cool thing is that it’s being produced at the Epic Theatre Ensemble, a presenting organization that has a long history of focusing on socially-minded plays.  Check out this project and support if you can or, at least, spread the word.

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