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Shout out are in order for Vernon, Corey, Will, Muzz and Doug.  The group’s second album was released on this day in 1990, and went on to reach #13 on the Billboard Top 200.  The album also spawned three singles: “Type,” “Elvis Is Dead” and, of course, the iconic “Love Rears It’s Ugly Head,” which has one of my favorite lines: “She looks as lovely as she’s ever gonna get”.

Anyway, here’s that great video:

The band is still going strong 20-odd years later.  Vernon’s been out with the Tony Williams tribute band Spectrum Road, Corey‘s hitting the road with Galactic, Will Calhoun has his solo projects, and Doug has just closed out another successful Wimbash in his hometown of Hartford, CT.  And best of all, according to Corey, there’s another Colour album in the works.

Additional link:

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