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Came across this list a few weeks ago thanks to a tweet by Jamilah King.  Publishing is like every other area of endeavor: When asked “Where are the writers of color?” too many people plead ignorance, i.e., “We don’t know where to find them.” Whatevs.

Seems like writer Roxane Gay felt the same way, so here’s what she did:

Earlier this summer, I put out a call for names of writers of color so there might be a resource to help people read and publish more diversely. This list was not designed to pigeonhole writers or suggest that they should be identified by race or ethnicity. These are writers who also happen to be people of color. This is not a token list of writers to go to when you need someone to write about race—these writers write about a wide range of subjects. Some of these writers are familiar and others are up and coming. I’ve listed the writers in alphabetical order by first name with genre and online presence information provided by the individuals who put the names forth. As such, this information is incomplete but it is a start, a compass point to orient you.

Again, not an exhaustive list, but it’s a great start.  Also, it’s worth looking at the comments, as Rumpus readers have added additional names.

Check out the entire list (as it stands now) here.

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