So, I’ve been meaning to write something about the restrictive voting laws that are being put in place across the country that could negatively impact the ability of 5 million people to vote.  You may have heard the discussion bandied about under the guise of “voter ID” requirements that, folks on the right say, is designed to combat voter fraud.  But, as the Brennan Center for Justice notes, the penalties for voter fraud are a $10,000 fine and five years in jail.  That’s a steep price for an individual to pay to try to cast a few extra votes.  And people seem to know it, since documented instances of voter fraud happen at the jaw-dropping rate of 0.00004%, about as often as Americans are struck and killed by lightning.

The Brennan Center also estimates that these new laws, which include shorter poll hours, elimination of weekend voting, etc., disproportionately impact seniors and college students, two groups who tend to vote Democratic.  It’s sad: The GOP has no credible ideas, so they’re going to try to steal the election.  Just rig the system in their favor.

Anyway, check out what Elon, an NBI Festival alum, has to say on the whole issue:

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