Brooklyn–and I’m sure other locales–were in the house yesterday as the 2012 Afropunk Festival kicked off.  Great lineup of skating, food, and music.

It was nice to see Alice Smith after her seemingly long hiatus.  Hopefully there will be a new album soon: What a voice! Finally got to see Cerebral Ballzy, after the buzz earlier from “Insufficient Fare,” but I wonder to what extent it’s affectation.  Looking forward to spending more time with the music of Joe Jordan’s eXperiment, a rock trio wherein the drummer is the lead guitarist’s mom.  And a shoutout to The Oxymorrons, the Queens duo of brothers K.I. and D.  Great flow, songs and incredible energy.  They’re working with Netic from Game Rebellion, so I can see why they’re vibing.

It’s been about 10 years since I last saw Erykah Badu. Homegirl started her set 40 minutes late.  I didn’t stay for the full set because the photo pit was bananas and they kicked all of us out by the 3rd song.  What we heard to that point was remixes and re-interpretations of her earlier hits.  Folks really love her.  I’ll leave it at that for now.

More to come today.

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