[UPDATE: The stream was taken down by James’s label as of 9/19.  Sorry, folks!]

I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating: Along with Gregory Porter, Jose James is one of the brightest, rising jazz vocalists on the scene today.  The opening moments of 2008’s The Dreamer showcase a voice that sounds uncannily like someone blowing into a tenor sax.

What we know is that James has a new album forthcoming from Blue Note, No Beginning, No End.  Unfortunately, there’s no release date, as yet.  In the meantime, we have DJ Spinna to thank for this dope remix album of a lot of James’s music.  It’s a great treat and provides a nice overview of what Jose’s been up to.

Tracklisting for The Eccentric Movements of Jose James:

1. Love Conversation
2. Code
3. Park Bench People
4. Love
5. Come To My Door
6. Made For Love
7. It’s All Over
8. Save Your Love
9. Lay You Down
10. Trouble
11. Vanguard
12. Promise In Love
13. Detroit Loveletter
14. Sword – Gun
15. Velvet
16. Desire (Moodyman Remix)
17. Warriors
18. Warriors (SBRKT Remix)
19. Tomorrow

H/T to Soulbounce for the heads up on this

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