Tunde Olaniran is a native of Flint, MI.  He calls himself a “cultural warrior with a 4-octave range and a penchant for dirty synths.”  Think of him as a purveyor of futuristic R&B and a left-of-center fashion sense. His latest single, taken from the forthcoming project, The Second Transgression, takes a spare, minimal approach but is anchored by some serious 808’s.  It’s Tunde’s attempt to reconcile his own individuality versus the his perception of how others–especially people in his community–judge him.

Side note: While two artists don’t make a trend, Tunde brings to mind another midwest artist, also fashion-forward, who goes deep into futuristic, synth-y sounds: Dearling Physique.  Hmm. Need to think more on this.

Anyway, for now, enjoy the song.

So, whatch’all think?

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