Finally! A new P.O.S. album!  Saw this dude two years ago at Afropunk and was blow away. He’s a talented MC with a clear history and passion for punk rock and noise, and all that makes for an exciting musical stew.  In fact, born Stefon Alexander, P.O.S. started his musical journey as a punk rock musician in high school.  One of our favorite tracks from his last album Never Better, is the opener “Let It Rattle.”  Love this line:

Not ‘exactly’ like you don’t do anything. More like ‘What exactly do you do?’

He’s a member of the MC collective Doomtree; plays in punk band Building Better Bombs; and is a member of Minneapolis indie supergroup Gayngs, which includes members of Bon Iver, Solid Gold and The Rosebuds.

Since We Don’t Even Live Here doesn’t drop til October 23, here’s the first single, “Bumper”.  It was performed on’s City of Music series, and features some members of Polica and DJ Plain Ole Bill.


01 Bumper
02 Fuck Your Stuff
03 Where We Land
04 Wanted Wasted
05 They Can’t Come
06 Lockpicks, Knives, Bricks and Bats
07 Arrow to the Action – Fire in the Hole
08 Get Down
09 All of It
10 We Don’t Even Live Here (Weird Friends)
11 Piano Hits

Also, check out the pre-order options here on Fifth Element.

Additional link:

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  • Sean

    I’ve seen P.O.S. 3 or 4 times live, either solo or with Doomtree, and he is fantastic. Hope to see him again when he promotes this album.