This is the “problem” with New York City: Too much amazing stuff happening.  Case in point: You all already know that on Saturday night, the great Leon Ware is being accompanied by MuthaWit at BAMCafe. And, at about the same time, another Bold As Love Magazine favorite, Tamar-Kali, takes the stage at Fishman Space as part of the BAM’s Next Wave Festival.

For this performance, she’ll be doing it “PseudoAcoustic,” which means the amps won’t go all the way to eleven,a nd she’ll add strings and highlight her love of torch songs.  What I always dig about this setup is that it pushes her rich and powerful voice further forward.

Just getting familiar with Tamar-Kali? Then check her out via these links on the site.

Tix for the show are $20. More info on this performance is here.

Additional link:

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