Riffs on Real Time (2 of 10), 2002–2005, chromogenic color print, 30 × 24”. All images courtesy of the artist.

Came across this piece on NYC-based artist Leslie Hewitt via BOMB Magazine.  According to her bio:

Working with photography, sculpture, and site-specific installations, Leslie Hewitt addresses fluid notions of time. Her work oscillates between the illusionary potential of photography and the physical weight of sculpture. In her photographed arrangements, she isolates personal ephemera and the residue of mass culture to consider the fragile nature of quotidian life.

The BOMB Magazine article explains:

Hewitt’s fascination with the way her grandmother arranged family photos in albums, juxtaposing images with “total disregard for chronology or linear time,” informs the sumptuous series Riffs on Real Time, 2002–2005. Hewitt stacks and arranges disparate types of imagery, such as snapshots, homework pages, and magazine covers, to create layered and complex photographic works. They show us the ways that contrasting fragments can eloquently articulate the larger story of one’s life and culture.

Hewitt’s work is now on display through December 30 at the Contemporary Arts Museum St. Louis.

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