An interesting exhibit that’s up now at MoCADA and running through January 20, 2013 at various locations around NYC.  Here’s the statement by the curators Jessica Moore and Nelson Nance:

Be it in New York, Paris or Bamako, the world is experiencing a paradigm shift that began in Africa. Sparked by the 2011 toppling of Egypt’s thirty-year dictator, calls for revolution echo through mass media and populate social networking newsfeeds. MoCADA’s Curatorial Series, NEWSFEED: Anonymity & Social Media in African Revolutions and Beyond, features a compilation of new media art, contemporary works and digital installations that investigate global interconnectivity and how anonymous parties define, construct, and support uprisings in Africa via social media. As text, images and videos are tagged, re-tweeted, and shared virally, are these so-called “revolutions” reflecting real world events or merely constructing an online reality? How does this digital dialogue influence global society’s relationship with Africa?

Newsfeed features the works of Delphine Fawundu-Buford, Malcolm A. Davis II, Barka, Aya Izumi-Rodriguez, Tamara Natalie Madden, Mohau Modisakeng, Jonathan Monaghan, Nyeema Morgan, Mourad Krinah, Pablo Mustafa, Jasmine Murrell, Damaso Reyes, Lisa C Soto and Aylin Tekiner.

Here are the curators, Moore and Nance, talking about the exhibition:

It’s really worth checking out the MoCADA site here for full exhibition info. The exhibit is located in several space and there seems to be a lot of public programming associated with it, including the My Africa Is doc series organized by NBI Festival alum Sian Morson of Kollective Mobile!

Additional link:

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