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This is a new feature of the magazine. We’re really excited by the fact that there are so many talented visual artists out there.  Since we want to give folks a little shine, the way we do music, here’s the deal: We’ll tap a visual artist and they’ll share an image and a little bit about what they were trying to achieve with it, or what inspired them to create it.  In this way, we hope to expose you to some incredible talent and ideas.  First up, the homie Ed Marshall, one of the dopest ever to document the progressive black cultural scene here in NYC.

Of this photo of Daniel Chavis of Apollo Heights, Ed wrote:

So that image was probably taken around late 2006 or so. Members of Apollo Heights  and I were at Yuko Sueta’s studio in Long Island City. I was inspired by their live performances at the time, because along with their shoegaze-style sound, they projected art during the show. The artist who helped them with the projections was actually Yuko Sueta. Oddly enough, today (October 31)  is Yuko’s 3rd anniversary of her passing. This shoot was for promo imagery for the White Music for Black People project I believe. I was hoping to get a feel of the live show standing still and we accomplished that part. This image was actually NOT part of the promo package.  Yuko was starting up her laptop and projection gear and Daniel was standing in the video stream for a second. No one in the group was ready to shoot anything. I saw the image in motion to the second  Daniel stood and shot it without him knowing. Most people close to me know I can’t stand the posed shot, even though I can capture it. Trees, flowers, building and boats make great images at the right time of day. I tend to like to move with what I am capturing, because if I capture it when it’s giving… maybe, just maybe, you will receive it too.

More examples of Ed Marshall’s work here.

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