Yeah, major #latepass, y’all.  So Cody’s album dropped in October, but I just got it. . .yesterday.  Completely my fault.  So I queue this up on the way into the office and I haven’t been able to stop playing it.  Seriously.  Start to finish, Landing On A Hundred is a banger.  By that, I mean the production is rich, warm and soulful.  In a nod to Meshell Nedegeocello, you’ll be diggin’ this like the old soul record it is.

At the same time, it’s a modern, socially conscious album that puts to shame so much of what tries to pass these days as soul music.  This album is full of heartfelt, cautionary tales that are full of regret for a life of poor choices.  It’s like he’s trying to be that voice that pulls a young man aside to say there’s a better way.  At the same time, you hear that his motivation is love, not condemnation.

Standout songs on the album include “That’s Still Mama”; and “Love Is More Than A Wedding Day,” which could be the complement to Kokayi’s “Been Thru” and tackles the ups and downs of a relationship with a mature eye; and the easy bounce of “Everybody’s Brother”.  And then there’s this one: Great groove, great message artfully delivered.  Take a listen, the grab the album.

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  • Mark Kirby

    I finally got into this Cody ChestnuTT. Awesome stuff.