Can’t tell you how thrilled we are that books editor Bridgett M. Davis has taken it upon herself to organize a regular reading series.  We’re calling it Sundays at The Sackett since, well, it takes place at The Sackett.  As you’ll see below, the focus will be on works-in-progress, so you’ll have a chance to get an early glimpse of new work, and also give the writers constructive feedback.

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Rob Fields is the founder and publisher of Bold As Love Magazine. Follow him on Twitter at @robfields.

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  • C Ant

    Great event Bridgett and Rob. Can’t wait for the next one in March.

  • Kim

    So much fun! Great idea. I really enjoyed all the readings. I can’t wait for the books to come out, or at least to hear more. Nice. Sorry I had to run out right at the end. I had so many questions and wanted to talk with the writers. Well, won’t happen again. See you next month. Thanks for doing this!!