(photo: Camara Holloway)

Dontcha just love that moment when you find out a person you knew one way turns out to have exceptional talent in another area?

That’s what’s happened when I took a listen to an early mix of some songs that Kandia Crazy Horse has been working on.  Now, many of you will recall Kandia as a rock journalist, and an award-winning one at that.  So, it was a pleasant surprise to hear her as a singer.  Now, I’ve long known of her love for southern rock and Americana.  But who knew she’s got such an engaging voice, one that’s slightly raspy and that leans towards heartache? If you’ve checked out artists such as The Carolina Chocolate Drops, Kamara Thomas & The Ghost Gamblers, and Martha Redbone, you’re sure to like what you hear from Kandia.  Brava, sis!

Check it out:

Additional link:

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