Sheldon Shepard (l) and Nicole Grey in Better Mus’ Come

In sneak previews in many cities since Wednesday and finally opening in NYC and LA today is the first release from the new “multiplatform” label from AFFRM, writer-director-cinematographer Storm Salter’s Better Mus’ Come.  In this sense, “multiplatform” means that the new label–called ARRAY–will take advantage of both digital distribution channels in addition to traditional theatrical exhibition for its films.

Set in 1970’s Jamaica, Better Mus Come is a love story set against the events of the time when political factions enlisted rival gangs to disrupt the democratic election process.  The film also fictionalizes some of the events around the infamous Green Bay Massacre, in which 5 members of the Jamaican Labour Party were lured into an ambush and killed by members of the Military Intelligence Unit.

Check out the film’s trailer here:

And here’s the film’s evocative poster:


Ready to see Better Mus’ Come?  Check out the full list of showtimes and theaters here.

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  • MM

    Thanks for posting this! Ava, of AFFRM incidentally is up for a $20,000 award. She has pledged to give it all to AFFRM so they can bring more films like this, Middle of Nowhere and Restless City to multiple screens. You can find out more about it and vote, once a day here