I’ve decided to try something new.  Over on the right side of the blog, you’ll see a button that says subscribe.  Consider clicking on it.  Here’s why:

Ive been running this site since 2007.  Yes, I’ve done it for the love of what gets covered here, because I believe that black alt music and culture deserves a space.  And, yes, much has changed in the six years since we began.  “Black rock” has moved closer to the mainstream, thanks to the success of Afropunk and many of the artists that have been covered here.  Think Janelle Monae, Santigold, TVOTR, and tons others.  And we’ve expanded our coverage beyond music to cover visual art, film, theater and, most recently, books.  The goal is to bring you a well rounded look at what’s new and next in global black culture.

It’s long been time to think of Bold As Love Magazine as a business, and ways to make it so.  But this now comes at a time when the internet has decimated the publishng business, and there’s little to be had in the way of sustainable advertising revenue for smaller sites like this one.  Therefore, I’m going to try something a little different.  It starts with a question:

Would you, as a regular reader, pay $2 per month to support this site?

No, I’m not throwing up a paywall.  The content will still be free.  But, for those of you who find this site valuable–and I run into many of you all the time–would you consider chipping in?   If enough of you do, it will provide resources that can support the growth of this site.  For example, I can start paying writers, be more aggressive in the marketing of the site and kick this thing up to a whole ‘nother level.  Maybe I’d also be able to put some of that money towards the next iteration of the NBI Festival which, as you know, is a direct offshoot of this site.

The reality is, this site is maintained in between and around a lot of other things: day job, being a husband and a father.  which means that when those things demand attention, the magazine has to be put on the back burner.  Paying writers, for example, allows me to step away (at least a bit) and know that fresh content is being developed and gets out to you guys.

Think about it. Folks are more than willing to pay for apps, music and books online.  Why not a monthly commitment support one of your favorite sites?

You can either click the button to the right on here.  Either way, you’ve got your choice of $2/month or $20/year.

Thanks, fam!

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Rob Fields is the founder and publisher of Bold As Love Magazine. Follow him on Twitter at @robfields.

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