Mustafa Effortless & Candice Anitria

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That’s right! A Bold As Love exclusive!  We’re proud to premiere the new video that kicks off the Love Machine Project, a collaboration between expressive, left-of-soul singer Candice Anitra and consciousness-raising LA MC Mustafa Effortless.  What’s the project about, you ask?  According to the release materials, the video and song for the project’s first single “honors and extols what it means to be human, embrace the alien, and spread love along the way.”  They say they’re going for “Tina Turner meets Guru”.

In her solo career, Philly-raised and Brooklyn-based Candice Anitra explores the fine lines between genders, self-love and loathing, and the polarities that exist in us all. She is one part soul singer, and equal parts rabble-rouser and philosopher, with her edgy, electro-rock-infused, sultry songs.

Mustafa “Effortless” Shakir has his hands in everything from acting to writing to directing. As an emcee, Mustafa bridges the gap between conscious rap and ear-to-the-street swagger.

The two met more than a decade ago when they both performed in Kamal Sinclair’s Off-Broadway The Beat, called “Hip-Hop’s theatrical revolution.”

Stay tuned for the  full Love Machine Project release in June.

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Shout out to Fiona Bloom and The Bloom Effect for connecting the magazine to this project!

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  • Versal

    Hot video & this song is a HIT! Excited to discover this!