Yes, new music’s on the way from the one and only Sandra St. Victor!  There are a lot of singers out there, but very few singer’s singers.  Sandra’s in that last category, where crazy talented boldfaced names give her mad props for her vocal, interpretive and songwriting ability.  What follows is a taste of what you can expect from her forthcoming September release, Oya’s Daughter, which was produced by the talented Mark deClive-Lowe.  Of the album’s title, she explains: “Oya is the Orisha of change, storms. She is the owner of the winds. Wind is symbolic of the power of thought. My daily movement asks Oya to lift the words of my songs into the breeze, on the air.”

Liking what you hear? Catch a rare stateside performance this Saturday at BAMCafe. Showtime’s at 9PM, but people who know will be there early. Most likely this will be standing room only.

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