This is Phillip Agnew of The Dream Defenders, the group that staged a 31-day sit-in at Florida governor Rick Scott’s office to get him to call a special session to review the controversial Stand Your Ground laws.  They were unsuccessful in that regard.  However, their actions brought national attention to their cause.  According to the Miami Herald, theirs was the longest sit-in at the Florida Capitol in recent memory.

Phillip is impressive.  Thing is, he’s not the only one.  All across the country in a variety of fields, there are young people who are, as they say, “doin’ the damn thing”.  So, eff what you may have heard about a lost, coddled, naive generation.  There’s work to be done, and Phillip’s just one example of people in their 20’s who are stepping up to help shape the future.

Unfortunately, Agnew and several others were cut from yesterday’s March On Washington celebration. In this video, he asks what you would say if you’d been given two minutes to address the crowd. If you feel so moved, record a video and add the hashtag #OurMarch.

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