tamar-kali sings

Alright, fam, time to come together and support Tamar-Kali and her band as they raise funds to tour the East Coast.  Those of you who’ve heard Black Bottom know it’s killer album full of raw emotion, dope songwriting and bad-assed arrangements.  And if you’ve ever seen her live, you know that she and the band put on a push-your-wig-back show.  For the tour, she’ll be teaming up with some of her fiercest artist friends to bring you a show that will no doubt be a feast for the eyes and ears.

The other cool thing: If she’s able to exceed the funding goal, a percentage of the post-goal funds will go to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, the country’s largest grassroots mental health organization.

There’s plenty of great items you can get in exchange for your support.  Head over to the funding page on Pledge Music, check it out and consider supporting.

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