That’s right: Sandra St. Victor is back in NYC.  If you haven’t heard her latest, Oya’s Daughter, you’re missing out.  You can rectify that situation on Wednesday, when the Mack Diva herself returns.

This time around, she’ll be joined by hot up-and-coming N’awlins unit Water Seed.  Haven’t heard of them yet? You probably will soon.  They describe their sound as

a musical gumbo that recalls the ancestral strut and joie de vivre of the New Orleans’ Tremé, the drama and ecstasy of the church’s wailing floor, and the suited-up sophistication of jazz threaded with the party funk of Parliament? What do you name sounds that hail from Africa, Brazil, the Caribbean, and the red dirt South all at once? How do you label music that simultaneously evokes all of the uncontainable energies and passions exploding from so many disparate musical legacies? Here we call it Water Seed.

Yeah, yeah, you say. But can they play?  Can they show and prove?  Watch this and tell us what you think:

Doors for this show are at 7:30pm and showtime is 9:00. Tickets are $25 in advance, more at the door.

Speaking of tickets: We’ve got two (2) pair of tix to see this show.  Enter your details before 5PM EST on Tuesday, February 11, and you and a guest could be there for this raise-the-roof event.


Additional link:


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