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We’ve been wanting to change things up a bit as offers a wide variety of programming to spend your free time carousing, so what better way than to occasionally view some of their animated fare.  On my review of childhood animated favorites such as Bravestarr, SilverHawks, and Defenders of the Earth (see something on that one soon), I came across this gem of show that unbeknownst to me was a  part of the Fox network’s Saturday late night Animation Domination High-Def from 2013 to June 2014 (a block of programming akin to Comedy Central’s Adult Swim).

If you are into slacker and stoner comedies that provide mindless entertainment, then the Lucas Bros. Moving Co. is the show for you.  And even if that is not a ‘genre’ befitting your taste – as it usually isn’t for me – there is that lil’ something here that will appeal to you, most likely because of the loose and less judgmental nature of animation.

Starring the twin comedy duo Kenny and Keith Lucas, the Lucas Bros. Moving Co. is loosely-based on their real life as cable television installers, but for better story flexibility and settings switched to movers. That they are movers is made even more funny as the Lucas Brothers are known for their un-muscular wiry frames and admitted lack of physical prowess.

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Playing themselves on the show, the supporting cast of voice actors include many fellow actor/comedians/writers such as Jerrod Carmichael as Jerrod, Hannibal Buress as Momma Lucas, Eric Andre as Arsenio Hall, and ex-wrestler Jake the Snake Roberts as himself, not mainly a strange man doing different strange jobs.

When describing their show, in’s ‘Showrunner Survey” column, the brothers summed it up as, “ Bill and Ted [‘s Excellent Adventure]  plus Workaholics plus The Wire (minus the bleakness).  I don’t agree with the last part, but getting to the grit of it all, the show is just damned funny.

No more than 12 minutes each, most of the episodes are on Hulu Prime, with the standout ones being, as listed on Hulu:


Season 1, Episode 2: A/C Tundra

The Lucas Bros. moving van is towed during a heat wave. They must install an air conditioner cursed by Satan to raise enough money to save their van before it gets compacted. When the air conditioner ends up freezing the entire building, they get help in freeing everyone from the most unlikeliest of sources: Jumanji (hilariously voiced by rapper Danny Brown).


Season 1, Episode 10: Sister, Sister, Sister

The Lucas Bros. buy an ad in the local paper and see that the Sister, Sister (1994) twins are having a reading at a book store. But when instant love blossoms between the pair of twins, Tea and Tamara’s secret evil third sister halts the romance by kidnapping the Lucas Brothers.  Adding to the funny is Broad City’s Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson.


Season 1, Episode 07: Lucas Burgers

The Lucas Brothers get a boot put on their van and open a burger stand to pay off the fee.  Funny on its own, this episode is made extra special with the social media exposure that show art director Sean Solomon received for the alternate food truck designs which include De La Soul Food, Lil’ KImchi, and The Notorious BLT – Ready to Eat.


Season 1, Episode 12: For the Love of Moving

A mysterious client (hint: one of hip-hop top three biggest stars) hires the Lucas Brothers to move his classic art pieces and they end up being hired as full-time movers…and potential pawns of The Illuminati.


So catch the show as new episodes continue to roll out on Hulu.  New episodes will also air on FXX.  And remember parents, just because it is animated it doesn’t mean that your kids should be watching!

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